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Hey there! My name is Matt (pronouns: he/him/his). I'm a queer, ENNIE-winning editor, writer, and developer hailing from the Pacific Northwest. My credits include work with Wizards of the Coast, Fantasy Flight Games, Green Ronin, Chaosium, R. Talsorian Games, Free League, and Microsoft Studios, among others. In addition to those publishers, I've partnered with many indie and solo creators to help conceptualize, develop, and publish their projects.



Free League | 2022

For the long-awaited second edition of The One Ring, publisher Free League sought to create a version of the beloved game both fresh and familiar, including an innovative set of "solo" rules allowing for a single player to undertake perilous quests across J.R.R. Tolkien's Middle-earth setting. The result was Strider Mode, lovingly designed by myself and Shawn Tomkin, designer of Ironsworn. The Strider Mode supplement took the existing framework of The One Ring and added additional rules and player options, inspirational generators to help shoulder the narrative burden, and helpful guidelines to encourage solo and co-op play, a burgeoning facet of tabletop roleplaying games.


Awaken Realms | 2022

Awaken Realms, lauded designers of Tainted Grail, Nemesis, and other deeply strategic legacy board games, released in 2022 their most ambitious title to date: ISS Vanguard, a game of deep space exploration and survival. As an editor and proofreader on this title, I worked with localized text for both game components and read-aloud narrative, crafting an immersive yet deeply customizable sci-fi experience.



Ghostfire Gaming | 2023

An epic, expansive campaign delving into the deepest, darkest recesses of Ghostfire's Grim Hollow setting. I served as an editor on this tome of dark fantasy adventures, ensuring consistency across its myriad chapters and honing its text into the clear, concise language for which Ghostfire as a publisher is known.


Wizards of the Coast | 2018

No dungeon, perhaps, is as iconic as Waterdeep, the lair of Halaster Blackcloak, the titular Mad Mage. As an editor on this multi-level mega-dungeon adventure supplement for the world's oldest fantasy roleplaying game, I ensured quality and cohesion in the text, in addition to lending a developer's eye to encounters, traps, and other mechanical elements expertly crafted by the Wizards design team. To have a hand in bringing such a classic and beloved dungeon to fifth edition was the privilege of a lifetime.



Free League | 2023

Free League's brand new edition of the classic Scandinavian RPG Drakar och Demoner features new and streamlined rules, adventure-building tools, and a full solo adventure entitled "Alone in Deepfall Breach." I co-developed these solo rules and the accompanying, dungeon-delving, demon-hunting adventure with Shawn Tomkin, designer of Ironsworn.


Fantasy Flight Games | 2018

Arkham Horror is a classic name in board games. I had the privilege of serving as a proofreader on the third edition of the timeless game, working on the rulebook, card assets, and scenarios to ensure  consistency and readability in the new, streamlined rules. Featuring a modular board and multiple win conditions, the second edition provides an exciting and unique playthrough each time.



$0.06 per word

Finesse and finalize your copy with thorough editing prioritizing spelling, grammar, syntax, style, and overall readability.


$0.12 per word

Further your concepts, mechanics, and ideas into realized, readable text with in-depth, hands-on editing and creative development.


$50 per hour

Let’s chat about your ideas and develop your game, stream, or other creative work.


After earning my BA in English, whilst working the counter at my friendly local game shop, I delved into the perilous realm of freelance game development, cutting my teeth on board game rules and components with Fantasy Flight Games.

While contracting in the narrative design division at Microsoft Studios, I worked on launch titles for the Xbox One console. 

In 2015, I co-founded indie publishing outfit Absolute Tabletop, for whom I still serve as managing editor and creative developer. I've developed, written, and edited more than 20 published products with AbTab. 

In 2017, I made tabletop games my full-time job, earning editing, proofreading. and developing credits with Wizards of the Coast, Chaosium, Green Ronin, Onyx Path Publishing, Cubicle 7, R. Talsorian Games, and Free League Publishing, among others.

In 2020, I won an ENNIE for my writing and editing work on Ironsworn: Delve. I continue to work with a wide array of publishers and independent developers, helping hone copy and create concise and coherent mechanics for games of all kinds.

In my free time, I play video games, build models and paint minis, and stream RPG content. I currently dwell in Tacoma, WA with my partner, our daughter, and a towering backlog of mecha model kits.




  • A Book of Tales (R. Talsorian Games, 2021)

  • A Cookbook of the Realms: Volume 01 (Absolute Tabletop, 2015)

  • A Dead Man’s Guide to Dragongrin (Absolute Tabletop, 2020)

  • A Tome of Chaos (R. Talsorian Games, 2022)

  • Adventure Kit: Oath of the Frozen King (Absolute Tabletop, 2017)

  • Adventure Kit: Shadows Over Driftchapel (Absolute Tabletop, 2018)

  • Aether Nexus (Absolute Tabletop, 2024)

  • Bargainomicon Volume 1 (Buckstar Games, 2021)

  • Be a Better Battle Master (Absolute Tabletop, 2015)

  • Be a Better Campaign Master, Book One: Building the World (Absolute Tabletop, 2017)

  • Be a Better Faction Master (Absolute Tabletop, 2015)

  • Be a Better Weapon Master (Absolute Tabletop, 2015)

  • Be a Better Weapon Master 2 (Absolute Tabletop, 2017)

  • Berlin: The Wicked City (Chaosium, 2019)

  • Black Chrome (R. Talsorian Games, 2022)

  • Children of the Blood (Onyx Path Publishing, 2021)

  • Cyberpunk RED (R. Talsorian, 2020)

  • Cyberpunk: Black Chrome (R. Talsorian, 2022)

  • Cyberpunk: Interface Red (R. Talsorian, 2022)

  • Deepvault: Machinations of the Ancients (Absolute Tabletop, 2015)

  • Dragonbane: Alone in Deepfall Breach (Free League, 2023)

  • Enchating Emporiums (Ghostfire, 2024)

  • Erenoth: Brook (Absolute Tabletop, 2015)

  • Erenoth: Stone Rift (Absolute Tabletop, 2018)

  • Erenoth: The Convocation (Absolute Tabletop, 2017)

  • Erenoth: The Wayward Wanderer (Absolute Tabletop, 2015)

  • Everyday Heroes (Evil Genius Games, 2022)

  • Fantasy AGE Lairs (Green Ronin, 2020)

  • Five and Infinity: An Adventure Series for Modern AGE (Green Ronin, 2020)

  • Galdr’s Gazetteer (Zipperon Disney, 2020)

  • Grim Hollow: The Unseen Citadel (Ghostfire, 2023)

  • Harbinger Beta Rules (Absolute Tabletop, 2020)

  • Heirs to the Shogunate (Onyx Path Publishing, 2021)

  • Hexpedition: The Jaws of the King (Buckstar Games, 2020)

  • Horror at Misty Meadows (Absolute Tabletop, 2015)

  • Ironsworn: Delve (Tomkin Press, 2020)

  • Ironsworn: Lodestar (Tomkin Press, 2019)

  • Ironsworn: Starforged (Tomkin Press, 2021)

  • Ironsworn: Sundered Isles (Tomkin Press, 2024)

  • Malleus Monstrorum (Chaosium, 2020)

  • Modern AGE Threefold Quickstart (Green Ronin, 2019)

  • Monsters from the Deep (Onyx Path Publishing, 2020)

  • Mutants & Masterminds Deluxe Gamemaster's Guide (Green Ronin, 2019)

  • Pacific Rim (Evil Genius Games, 2023)

  • Pirates of the Aethereal Expanse (Ghostfire, 2022)

  • Saints & Monsters (Onyx Path Publishing, 2021)

  • Scion: Demigod (Onyx Path Publishing, 2021)

  • Scion: Dragon (Onyx Path Publishing, 2021)

  • Sewers Under Sandwall (Absolute Tabletop, 2018)

  • Tales of Aquatic Horror (Onyx Path Publishing, 2020)

  • Tales of the RED: Street Stories (R. Talsorian, 2023)

  • The Copper Jackals (Absolute Tabletop, 2016)

  • The Crow (Evil Genius Games, 2023)

  • The Mecha Hack (Absolute Tabletop, 2018)

  • The Mecha Hack: Mission Manual (Absolute Tabletop, 2021)

  • The One Ring: Strider Mode (Free League, 2022)

  • The Rich Bastard’s Guide to Magick (Onyx Path Publishing, 2021)

  • The Witcher: A Tome of Chaos (R. Talsorian Games, 2023)

  • They Came From Beyond the Grave! (Onyx Path Publishing, 2020)

  • Total Recall (Evil Genius Games, 2023)

  • Trails of Ash and Bones (Onyx Path Publishing, 2021)

  • Trinity Continuum: A Quantum Leap (Onyx Path Publishing, 2021)

  • Trinity Continuum: Adventure! (Onyx Path Publishing, 2022)

  • Trinity Continuum: Assassins (Onyx Path Publishing, 2021)

  • Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage (Wizards of the Coast, 2018)


  • Descent: Lieutenant Packs (Fantasy Flight Games, 2016)

  • Descent: Mists of Bilehall (Fantasy Flight Games, 2016)

  • Descent: The Trollfens (Fantasy Flight Games, 2015)

  • ISS Vanguard (Awaken Realms, 2022)

  • Stalker (Awaken Realms, 2024)

  • Tained Grail: Echoes of the Past (Awaken Realms, 2020)

  • Tainted Grail: Age of Legends (Awaken Realms, 2020)

  • Tainted Grail: Red Death (Awaken Realms, 2020)

  • Tainted Grail: The Fall of Avalon (Awaken Realms, 2019)

  • Tainted Grail: The Last Knight (Awaken Realms, 2020)

  • Twilight Imperium: Shards of the Throne (Fantasy Flight Games, 2014)


  • Crimson Dragon (Microsoft Studios, 2013)

  • Forza Motorsport 5 (Microsoft Studios, 2013)

  • Happy Wars (Microsoft Studios, 2012)

  • Ryse: Son of Rome (Microsoft Studios, 2013)

  • Tainted Grail (Awaken Realms Digital, 2020)

  • Tainted Grail: Conquest (Awaken Realms Digital, 2021)

  • Zoo Tycoon (Microsoft Studios, 2013)

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